Trading is the act of exchanging items between characters. Trading is a common way of businesses, as it lets many people give items to others directly. Many choose to trade for a business deal due to it being somewhat able to have a difference in prices.


Before the Grand Exchange, trading with another player directly was the only way to exchange items within the rules. To trade with another player, you must left-click on their character and select trade. This will bring up the trade window, which will begin the transaction. Players may then add items to the trade, and then send the trade through. Each end of the deal will receive the items that were placed in the trade.

On January 2, 2008, Jagex has removed unbalanced trade from the game. This was done to prevent Real World Traders from transferring gold that was sold illegally to the players that bought the gold. Now, when a player has to go through a trade, the rules of the trade limit apply. When objects are removed from the trade window, a giant red exclamation point appears, warning of removal of the deal.

The trade window Edit

When a trade is accepted by both people, the trade window should appear. On the left, is your space for the items that you are trading. The right has the other players items. At the bottom has the trade limit screen, which will take the Grand Exchange market price of items, and then will add each side up to show whether the trade is allowed by the trade limit.

The accepting window Edit

After both sides are happy with the trade, each hit the accept trade button. This will show another screen, that has text based versions of the items being traded. This is often used to make sure some don't miss something from before. When both sides are sure that the trade is what they wanted, each click the accept button, and the trade goes through.


Jagex has set aside a few worlds that are dedicated to trading items. These worlds have many players in a large area (commonly the Grand Exchange) selling and buying items. There are three member trade worlds, and six non-member trade worlds. These worlds are as follows.

  • Members
    • 2
    • 27
    • 130
  • Non-members
    • 1
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
    • 105
    • 165

Organizing trades Edit

There are a few ways currently to organize a trade with another player. One, is to use the chatbox to find a trade partner. Another way that is common is to use the RuneScape Forums, which has a section just for the marketplace.

Impact on business Edit

Trading directly between players is often a chosen action for businesses. Due to it not being through the Grand Exchange, the price will not go down if the seller chooses to sell lower than the market price. Since the price will not be lowered, the business will be able to get more coins.