thumb|300px|right|The original video by Excl with WgdVids for YouTube== The Amazing Jagex Bronze Daggers, word by word from Excl's video on YouTube ==

Millie Bays here for Jagex Bronze Daggers!

The easy way to slice, dice and disembowl NPC's!

Everything made easy so you get your geepee!

Jagex Bronze Daggers are NOT knives but precision forged instruments of death and destruction.

Just hold in your hand, swipe at a target and watch the magic of Jagex Bronze Daggers do the rest.

Got a cobweb problem in your house? Jagex Bronze Daggers swipe them away.

Rodent Infestation. Gone!

Friend stabbing you in the back? You stab them back. All with Jagex Bronze Daggers.

Watch as this guy takes down an entire 500-pound cow all with one swipe of the Amazing Jagex Bronze Daggers.

And not only did he drop a cow in two seconds... But he also gutted it, skinned it and deboned it. All in one motion!

Jagex Bronze Daggers are fashioned by only the finest eased Runescapian craftsmen and forged using the cutting edge alloy technology.

These daggers have the strength to take down this massive three headed, two tonned bohemoth. It's that easy!

How much would you expect to pay for a contraption like this. $5,000 $10,000 14 Million dollars? No, for this offer only we'll give you a Jagex Bronze Dagger for only 1995! That's right, you can have this amazing harbringer of death for the low cost of 1995! But wait, order now and we'll throw in a second Jagex Bronze Dagger absolutely free! That's two pandora's boxes of Bronze killing action for only 1995. Our Grand Exchange operators are standing by so order yours today!

Back Story Edit

In mid-2009 Excl released a video he was working on and finished it in time just after the death of Billy Mays.

Credits Edit

Produced, Directed and Edited by Excl.

Acting by Ratcheted3, Hemi 83(Team F), Blaqk Psp, Madskittles and unnamed actors.

Retold (This Page) by Azorrez.

Statistics Edit

The video is currently rated: 5 Stars.

The video has been viewed: 570,000 times.

The video currently has no honours.

Trivia Edit

  • In the line 'Everything made easy so you get your geepee' it is pronounced exactly as 'gp' but strecthed.
  • When Bays refers the price as 1995 it is pronounced 19.95.

Link Edit

[1] - YouTube Video