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Example is the top business for buying logs if you're a non-member. We supply logs immediately to you whenever you need them, plus we sell at the cheapest rates! Much cheaper than the Grand Exchange, and also without the waiting time, so you can be fletching, firemaking or plank-making as soon as possible!

Come to us and we guarantee great service!

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Contacting us - If you want to do business with us, we suggest that you join our clan chat which is owned by High level player's friend 4 or leave a message on our forum thread (quick find code is 00-000000-0000-00-0-0001). It is first come first served so you might have to wait a bit...


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Businesses are an important component of the game and are often a way for many low level players and even high level players to get anywhere from no to a large portion of profit.



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