An image of the Grand Exchange database.

The Grand Exchange database is a feature on the RuneScape website that lists prices of items on the Grand Exchange.


The Grand Exchange database is commonly used by traders to find out different prices on items. The database's mainpage has five sections, Price Rises, Price Drops, Most Traded, Most Valuable Traded Items , and the Item of the week. Each section, besides the Item of the Week, has options to see the results in one day, seven days, or thirty days. Also each section, besides the Item of the Week, shows 100 items per screen, and there is no way to see more items.


An image of a specific item on the database.

Price RisesEdit

The rising items section of the database shows the items that are currently raising in price. The list is organized in the largest percent increase in the items, and goes down into the lower raises.

Price DropsEdit

The price drops section of the database features the items that their prices are falling. The list is organized in the largest percent decrease and then goes down to the smallest decrease.

Most TradedEdit

The most traded section shows the items that have been traded the most among players in the Grand Exchange. It goes from the largest amount sold down to the lower amount sold.

Most Valuable Traded ItemsEdit

The Most Valuable Traded Items section lists the items that are the most valuable items that are being traded. Although it is about the most valuable items, it only features those items that have an active trading history. The higher up items in the list are the most valuable, and then go down the farther you go down in the page.

Searching Edit

To search for an item, you must use the search bar on the page. You may put in a general term (dragon), which will bring up all the items that have to deal with dragon in the name. If you want to search for a more specific item, you put quotation marks around them ("Dragon longsword"). Also, if you type an item in without the quotation marks (Dragon longsword), it will bring up the results that if you used quotation marks first, but also will bring up items that match one of the words, which would be all items with dragon or longsword in the name.

While on any of the screens, besides the item of the week screen, it should show a coloured star, either silver or gold. These show whether an item is a members or non-members object.

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