Welcome to the Trade Consortium. You must pretty know the place known as the Trade Octagon. The thing is: Each of the eight companies of this Trade Octagon will be represented by a Runescape Company/Corporation/Business/Enterprise/... I will be representing the Red Flame: Supplies the Runes, Ammo and all consumables except food and potions. Please apply to join below:

  • The Red Flame - Consumables except food and potions. - 4ndrepd
  • The Purple Fish - Food and general combat items (potions, amulets, poison) -
  • The Blue Sword - Melee Items. -
  • The Yellow Ring - Items whose value exceed 25 millions, + halloween masks and santa hats. -
  • The Brown Quiver - Ranged Items, except ammo. -
  • The Silver Shine - Magic Items, except runes. -
  • The White Dish - Secondary items made by transformation skills. -
  • The Green Leaf - Primary items made by gathering skills. -